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I offer private and group coaching programs on the topics of:

  • Attracting Your Ideal Clients

  • Finding Your Niche

  • Money Mindset Mastery

  • Soulful Marketing Strategies 


Emily Robelo-Lopez
Sales Coach

Planners are my weakness. You name it, I’ve bought it. No matter how much better I believe EACH planner is going to be, they all suffer the same fate: one week of perfect documentation with careful color coding and savvy sticker selection, followed by ... nothing. BLANK. All 51 other weeks. One might think something tragic happened to me if examining my planner alone.
I eventually attributed this repetitive habit of planner abandonment to perfectionism; unable (or unwilling) to invest the time needed to make the pages pretty and perfect week in and week out, I just stop completely. But what else could be true here? What if it’s hard for me to look ahead and plan because I haven’t taken the time to pause and reflect on the past?

Thank God for Kat and her invitation to spend the final two mornings of 2020 pausing and reviewing via the FREE + CLEAR retreat. We walked through my highlights, lowlights, and goals from the past year. Then, we examined the feelings and intentions behind them. The result? Breakthrough. I don’t have a crystal ball. I have no idea what this year will throw at us. But one thing is abundantly clear - the areas of my life that bring me the most joy, and thus, how and where I want to intentionally spend more time. And suddenly, working in my planner doesn’t seem so daunting a task. 

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What People Are Saying

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