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It's Time to Awaken Your Abundance

What I have seen with most heart-centered entrepreneurs is that they become a coach, counselor, healer or facilitator because they want to be of service to the world and help people heal and live a full, rich life. Which is a beautiful thing that the world needs desperately.

However, most "heartpreneurs" I work with have given little or no thought to creating meaningful income and growing a profitable business at the same time. Their attitude is “I just want to help people. If I make some money along the way, then GREAT.”

People over profits. I get it. I have been there. I have felt the same way.

My Entrepreneurial Money Story

When I decided to become an entrepreneur and leave my corporate JOB more than 15 years ago, I had no business plan and no idea what a P+L sheet was (that’s Profit + Loss if you are wondering). I invested in a beautiful business card, had a logo designed, a website created and started networking.

However, I had no idea how to price or package my event planning services much less budget or set financial goals. I just wanted to build relationships and book new projects and make my clients happy. Knowing my numbers was low priority for me.

Unfortunately, my avoidance of my financial situation caused me to ride an emotional roller coaster in my relationship with money. And kept my business BROKE.

You might know the feeling. One day you feel confident because the prospect said YES to working with you and there is money flowing into your bank account. The next day you feel like a failure because all your profits are now gone because you paid business expenses or if you are lucky yourself. You are always in the hustle of meeting the next potential client and closing the next deal.

Can you relate? Being on the money roller coaster is enough to make any entrepreneur lack confidence and want to quit and find a new JOB.

At one point things were so bad that any conversation with my husband about money would end up with me in tears. And...we were audited by the IRS...TWICE because they considered my business a hobby and questioned the business deductions.

Talk about frustrating! I kept thinking "why can't I figure out how to build a profitable business?" and "maybe I'm not cut out to be an entrepreneur."

Back then I didn’t understand that my relationship with money was keeping me from building a profitable, sustainable business. I knew I had unhealthy money habits. I knew I was spending more money than I was making and I that was undercharging for my services. But I didn't know why or how to create new healthy, profitable habits. It's no wonder I was on the money roller coaster. More on the emotions, feelings and learned behaviors that were driving those habits in another post.

When I became a coach a few years ago I knew that I did not want to carry those habits into my new business. So I made a choice to figure out where my money blocks were sabotaging my life and business. Instead of sticking my head in the sand and ignoring the numbers, I chose to understand and heal my relationship with money and started researching resources that could help me have a healthier relationship with money and create the abundance that I desired.

Fast forward to today. I am coaching entrepreneurs on how to crack their money code and create meaningful income so they can transform how they think and feel about money, themselves and their business. And I can have a conversation about money with my husband without ended up in tears (most days).

Why is this important for you?

You know you have beautiful gifts and talents to share with the world but you are confused with how to translate that into making money and building a profitable business. I am here to give you permission that it is OKAY to make money. And make great money.


Did I describe your journey too?

If so, the good news is there is a way to awaken your abundance and start creating meaningful income and healthy money habits. It starts with understanding your behaviors and thoughts in relationship to money.

I would love to support you in stepping into your power financially. Email me at if you have questions about how I work with my clients or book a complimentary Creating Abundance Discovery Session below.

NOTE: I am not a licensed Financial Advisor and do not give advice on investments. My area of expertise is money mindset and strategies to monetize your expertise and create strategies and systems to support business growth.


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