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Sacred Money Archetypes®: Discover Your Money Code + How it Impacts Your Life and Business

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Kat Sanford, Money Mindset Coach | September 21, 2022

Midlife Musings on Love + Money from a Perimenopausal Woman

In March 2020 I decided to follow my dream of becoming a coach and invested in my first of three certification programs. Yes, THREE! As great as the first program was (and still is) I found myself confused about how to launch a coaching business and make money as a new coach. I remember thinking the program was great but I needed something else to help me stand out in the crowd as a coach. So I invested in the next program...and then the next. I just knew the next program would be the missing piece of the puzzle to help me launch the perfect coaching business!

What I discovered (thankfully) was that I didn't need another program. What I needed was to breakthrough the subconscious money blocks that were keeping me from creating meaningful income in a way that felt aligned with my values. Blocks like inconsistent income, undercharging, Imposter Syndrome, avoiding sales conversations and being nervous about talking about money in both life and business.

So I started looking for ways to improve my money mindset and money management skills. What I discovered was an exciting, new way to coach women entrepreneurs to help them understand and shift their relationship with money through Kendall Summerhawk's

Sacred Money Archetypes® certification program. I fell in love with the concept and the teachings and have experienced a major shift in my money mindset.

What are Sacred Money Archetypes®?

Sacred Money Archetypes® are symbolic metaphors that help us understand our patterns and behaviors in relation to money. Like a personality type, they are “codes” that help us become aware of how we think, feel and behave with money. There are 8 unique Sacred Money Archetypes® and each has its own different strengths, challenges and inner motivation.

Why is it important to know your Sacred Money Archetypes®?

We each have a little bit of all of the archetypes in us but our top three archetypes influence our choices that we make in life and business the most. Every opportunity that comes your way is being filtered through the lens of your Sacred Money Archetypes®.

When you know and understand your Sacred Money Archetypes® you can make powerful shifts with ease. You can make conscious decisions and give power to your strengths.

As creator and founder of the Sacred Money Archetypes® program and my money mentor, Kendall Summerhawk says,

“How you do money is how you do everything.”

By discovering your top archetypes, you will be able to

  • Understand what motivates you in relation to money

  • Transform how you think + feel about money

  • Empower your strengths

  • Move forward freely with creating + keeping more money

  • Feel and BE in alignment with your money values

Let’s take a look at the eight archetypes in more detail. See if you recognize yourself in one of the descriptions.

The Accumulator - the Inner Banker

You are the archetype that likes (maybe even LOVES) accumulating, investing, and saving money and makes it look EASY! You have a natural ability to manage money.

The Alchemist - The Inner Idealist

An alchemist is someone who is amazing at creating ideas that can transform peoples’ lives, their communities and the world. You are attracted to alternative ways of making money.

The Celebrity - The Inner Big Shot

You are a magnet for attracting amazing people and experiences and creating money. You have a charismatic personality and can often be a natural born leader.

The Connector - The Inner Relationship Creator

You care more about heart-to-heart connections and always put people and relationships first over making money. You excel at creating partnerships and new opportunities.

The Maverick - The Inner Rebel