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How to Recession Proof Your Marriage

with Kat Sanford, The Abundance Alchemist 

Did you know that money is the #1 thing that married couples fight about?  

What if you could stop fighting with your spouse about money and start working together on your money goals? 

Great can! 

October 22, 2022 - 11:00 am CST 

In this 90-minute masterclass we will cover: 


Presented by Kat Sanford,
Money Mindset Coach 

Kat, aka The Abundance Alchemist, is an international speaker and money mindset coach.  She works with women entrepreneurs to help them shift their money mindset from scarcity to abundance so they can create a lucrative business they 100% love.   When working with her clients, Kat brings a blend of creative ideas and practical strategies to her coaching.  She teaches her clients mindset shifts along with practical profit-building skills that are aligned with the values they want their lives and business to embody.  


As a Sacred Money Archetype Certified Coach, Kat uses these teachings to help her clients discover their strengths, challenges and opportunities when it comes to their money mindset, habits and values.   


Kat is also a global member and contributor of FemCity.  

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