Last week I shared that I selected the word ABUNDANCE during the WORD OF THE YEAR exercise.

A.BUN.DANCE. A feeling or mindset of plenty. Believing, trusting, knowing that there is enough.

When I was doing the exercise and writing about it last week my mind went immediately to what it would look and feel like to have an abundance of financial security and time freedom. However, once I sat still and reflected deeper I realized I have an opportunity to create abundance in all five of the life areas that are the focus of The Desire Map program. (Based on the best-selling book and course, The Desire Map, written and created by Danielle LaPorte). I am a Heart Centered facilitator and teach the Desire Map principles but I am also a student too.

So, this week I am sharing the first life area of LIVELIHOOD + LIFESTYLE and what abundance looks and feels like for me. These are my examples but you are welcome to adopt them for yourself. Or feel free to let my examples inspire you to create your own vision. Before you experience #fomo, rest assured I will share the remaining life areas and examples of how to cultivate abundance in each area over the next four weeks.

First, what is meant by LIVELIHOOD + LIFESTYLE? The focus of this life area is around career, work, money, home, things, fashion, travel, etc. For me, having abundance in these areas is when I have the freedom to work less and spend more time with friends and family without feeling guilty or worrying that I am missing out on the next client or opportunity. It feels like ease and peace. Below are some specific intentions around creating abundance in the LIVELIHOOD + LIFESTYLE area of life.

  • Hustling less to attract your ideal client.

  • Getting paid what you are worth.

  • Having more than enough money to pay your bills.

  • Fully funding an emergency fund.

  • Growing savings accounts and investment funds.

  • Saying YES to new business opportunities.

  • Investing in coaching and educational programs.

  • Donating to charity.

  • Spending money on FUN things like vacations and experiences.

  • Hosting Sunday Suppers or Game Night. More time with loved ones.

  • Taking time off to relax and restore your energy.

  • Having the $ and time to explore and travel.

Which of these resonate with you? All of the above? If the idea of cultivating abundance in your LIVELIHOOD + LIFESTYLE speaks to you, here are some questions that you can reflect on this week.

What does abundance mean to me?

What does it look like?

What does it feel like? What will it take for me to believe I am worthy of receiving more? What do I need to stop doing? What do I need or want to do more of?

I would love to celebrate you and hear your experience of reflecting on abundance. Please join us and share in the Life Matters with Kat group on Facebook. Or send me an email at

Be sure to check back next week when I will share ideas on how to create abundance in the area of BODY + WELLNESS. Until then have a blessed week!

PS...As I mentioned at the beginning of this post the concepts above are based on the the teachings in The Desire Map. If you are interested in the self-paced, digital course of The Desire Map taught by Danielle LaPorte, click here. And full disclosure...I am an affiliate of both COMMUNE and Danielle LaPorte so this post does contain my affiliate links and I receive a commission that helps me offset the business costs of being an entrepreneur.

You may have seen on social media the trend where people are announcing their WORD OF THE YEAR. I love the idea of connecting with a word that is aligned with my values and the intentions I want to create for the new year. So I decided to give it a try. Here are my thoughts on why picking a word is so powerful and how you can find your word.

First, why do the WORD OF THE YEAR exercise?

  • The word can give you focus.

  • Your word can be a guide for your actions and decisions this year. When you feel stuck ask yourself “is this in alignment with how I want to feel this year?”

  • Your word can become a mantra for how you choose to feel and be in 2022.

  • Your word can support you in setting intentions and manifesting your dreams. (Hello Law of Attraction)

For example, my word of the year for 2022 is ABUNDANCE. Picking abundance is in alignment with my desire to create an intentional life and business that is abundant financially and in time freedom. So when I have moments when I struggle to make a decision or get distracted I can simply remind myself that I am focused on ABUNDANCE and then gauge if the action, choices, feelings or thoughts I am having support me in my journey towards ABUNDANCE.

Next, following these steps on how to connect with your own WORD OF THE YEAR.

1. Close your eyes and reflect on these questions:

a. “How do I want to feel at the end of 2022?”

b. “What needs to happen for me this year to feel in alignment with my values?”

c. “What do I need to stop doing?”

2. Open your eyes. Write down the words or phrases that came to you. Remember this is about going with the flow vs. getting it perfect.

Feeling stuck? Click on the Positive Feelings List below for a list of words.

Download PDF • 81KB

This list was created by Danielle LaPorte and the Desire Map Facilitator community.

Remember, the goal is to be creative and have fun with this activity. If it feels forced or too hard I encourage you to pause and come back to the exercise another day when it feels easier and you come up with a word that powerfully resonates for you.

When you find your word I would love for you to share it with me in the Life Matters with Kat group on Facebook.

Be sure to check back next week when I share what the word abundance means for me as a woman, parent, wife and small business owner.

I have a confession. Well, a few actually. I love holidays, gift giving and am a recovering over spender! This can make for a bad combination that can lead to me ending up with holiday decor clutter I don't need and my credit cards stretched thin. Case in point. I just spent WAY, WAY, WAY more money that I planned to on Halloween this year. Yes, Halloween! First it was money for costumes. Then more candy than we ever pass out. Next it was $75 on pumpkins (before you judge me they were being sold as part of a fundraiser). And then decorations for the pumpkins and even more costume accessories. Ugh!

Even though we had fun decorating pumpkins and dressing up the funds spent for the experience were not in my budget. Now with Christmas less than two months away I am aware of how I am starting to feel a little stressed out about my holiday spending habits. Actually I have wanted to create a different Christmas experience when it comes to gift exchange with my family. But some habits and traditions are hard to change. However, to keep my sanity and do something more productive with my money I have decided to adopt a few strategies that will make the holidays less stressful, more enjoyable all without feeling like the Grinch.

Here they are:

COMMUNICATE YOUR WISHES. If you prefer not to receive gifts from your family and friends let them know NOW. Or if you would prefer to do a gift exchange with a predetermined value of the gift (like a $25 White Elephant exchange) then talk to them about doing that. Or maybe suggest homemade gifts and a family outing experience instead of spending money on gifts that may or may not be used or wanted.

MAKE A LIST. Make a list and check it twice....and stick to it. Include anyone who you choose to give a gift to including family, friends, clients, service providers. And if you decide the list only includes your immediate family that is okay and your choice. I think we get in trouble with holiday overspending because we think we should buy a gift for everyone we know. That's unrealistic.

CREATE A BUDGET. Decide on a total dollar amount that you want to spend on gifts. Then work within that. Or you can decide how much you want to spend per person and total that amount up and see if that number feels good and is doable.

BEWARE OF FOMO. What is FOMO? FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out. I am a victim of #fomo. And my downfall is all the social media ads for gadgets that I think I have to have to make my life complete or would be a cool gift for someone. Instead of worrying about missing out on the latest kitchen gadget or the hottest toy, how about adopting a #JOMO attitude this holiday season. JOMO stands for JOY OF MISSING OUT. Imagine how much joy you can have hanging out watching a movie with your kiddos instead of reorganizing the kitchen cabinets to fit in another new gadget.

UNSUBSCRIBE. Now is a great time to take a few minutes and unsubscribe to the marketing emails that you receive daily and weekly from your favorite big box stores and other retailers. You can always subscribe again later...or not.

So, you have my permission to do things differently this year and in the future. Wishing you more EASE, JOY and PEACE and lots less STRESS.

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